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Oct 3
In the pennacle within the inner sactum of a Human Soul there exists an unsurmoutable amount of interchangeable energies that are transmitted thru the cosmos in form of vibrations and abstract auras. In God's throne there exists Principalities and Powers that precede in intermission with Humanity's prayers that are heard by all Heavenly Host and God himself and are being assessed and the final decision is made by the Lord whether he will act upon your desperate supplications or remain unanswered due to God's perfect nature and inner workings within each individual life here on Earth.

In his Holy Mouintain God subjugates his blessings and trials allowing the King of this World to ******, tempt and test our Spirit thru Worldly Carnal Desires and oversees every human soul working for it's own salvation. The accuser Angel Lucifer seeks to keep us chained to Wordly temptation and continues to torment the Human psyche and weakened fleshly bodies in constant opposition with the Spirit leading us to spiritual destruction and his final goal is to drag us to perdition of our salvation by rejecting The Holy and Only Begotten Son Of God Jesus Christ. Heed to a direct order from the Lord himself...for he says "I am the Way, the Truth, The Life No One Comes to the Father except thru Me" allow him to build a personal relationship with you because he cares loves and yearns to get to know you personally.  Our mission here on Earth is to Love God above all things and to follow and imitate the Lord Jesus Christ as our Sheperd and Lord overseers and intermediator of our souls who he holds in his hands. Most importantly our grand mission is to bring the Gospel of Love, Truth and Peace to all Humanity. Let the lost souls be led towards the Light of God the Father and the abundant mercy and benevolence our dear Lord Jesus has in store for those who want to get to know the Son of Man the Divine Author of all things for he was made before the foundations of the heavens and the earth which was slain being a perfect, holy and was is and will forever be the mirror image of his Father.

In remembrance of his sacrifice we ought to walk living in this World as the "Light" and doers of righteousness. We are the salt of the world and thru our daily spiritual walk and by our spiritual fruits we bear we show others what can be attained thru a solid relationship with the Holy Spirit, the Holy Son and Father God the Maker of all souls all things and his plan shall NOT fail because he has NEVER failed before and never will. Bestow upon our heads a crown of life a white robe of pure eternal life and a place in the Heavenly Realm where many unbelievable treasures of perfect obedience and the sacrifice of us exchanging carnal pleasure for a lifetime of servitude and humbleness dedicating our time at straightening our paths and relying on the Lords understanding and NOT ours for if we rely on him fully our paths will and shall be made straight. The Lord wants us to live in this world abide by their rules and submit to our authorities ...but NOT let them take our faith nor our savior much less our relationship which must stay in our constant care and continue to grow, flourish and be surely visible for others to see and in turn either be curious about it and see for them to ask us how we do such things and how are we so concerned on living a quiet pious and righteous lifestyle. By arousing the curiosity of turn we get to touch all people who we come in contact with and get the chance to share freely what the Lord has done for us that we cannot and could NOT do for ourselves which is allowing the Holy Spirit to daily be fed thru reading the scriptures, acting according to God's perfect orders and trying our very best to live by his precepts. We undoubtedly fail the Lord daily but we keep a everlasting submitting soul to his judgment and continue to come to him for everything and forever keep a diligent sincere open heart conversing with him day and night and never sieze our constant mingle between us and him and having the FAITH towards him that unifies our Spirit with his and in accordance to our deeds may he have mercy for all our wrongdoings and as he pour blessings for our righteous deeds in the spirit. We envision a Paradise and a New Heaven where the souls of the saved and redeemed souls will go to abide in when we reach the afterlife...nevertheless, the ones who choose to ignore the calling of the Lord will suffer the ones who remained stubborn and rebellious and decided to follow the World and love themselves more than their Savior will be doomed to be branded and cast upon perpetual everlasting torment a lake of fire where there will be Hellish screams of agony sour tears and gashing of teeth with an endless separation of their souls from their Creator and where they shall curse him forevermore and whatever petition made to God will be unheard. God please have mercy on us may your light and love NOT turn cold on us seeking your guidance daily. Zion awaits the holy and righteous. Amen!!!
The Lord shall come in a blinding flashing light to bring Judgement upon all.
God's Oracle
Written by
God's Oracle  30/Two-Spirit/Lex
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