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Oct 2
What good does it do for me to love a God?
I am nothing but a human, a hopeless creature.
Destroying everything I touch is my true nature.
Loving you doesn't come easy to me.
It's tearing me apart knowing that we don't have a future.
How can I protect my soul against the force of nature?
How can I work on the storm in my heart?

I was silent symphony you have undone me.
I am snow-blind at your golden sight,
I selfishly leach to your unearthly company.
I am in trouble every time I think of you,
I am trembling with a frantic uproar,
An inquiring rumble so deep it shocks me too.

You crept into my black dreams,
turning every unspeakable ****** nightmare into a rosy dream.
I am a creature starved of love,
you are an enchanting mirage of affection.
How can I not fall for your exquisite smile?
Your intangible but visible presence brightens my unholy sky.
Unknowingly, you snared my heart.
Now I am ruined for this lifetime.
But what good does it do for me to love a God?
I might as well love the sun or the stars or anything else that's forever out of reach.
Written by
Healer  19/F/India
   Ben Noah Suri
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