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Oct 2020
Let’s go out and walk along the river
—just you and me
We’ll trade a bloodied rag like we once traded days.
And I will remind you of every I love you
and you will remind me why they amounted to nothing.

Let’s walk after dark
with no one there to see us.
Two bodies and heels clicking like crickets
with secrets that scream like sirens
—and the next second not...
and no one around to see us.

Dust will settle over our toes
and time won’t shake it free,
Shattered glass, a ****** nose
and my once alabaster sheets.

Walk with me to my funeral.
I swear no one can see,
you can carve your name into my hand
and I won’t even bat an eye.

I will ask you to do the same to my head, my breast,
the nap of my neck.

We’ll walk by the river after dark
and when you walk away
killing me
no one will see.
And you’ll leave the ****** rag at my feet.

And I will whisper,
Again, again, again.
Written by
Egg  20/F
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