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Sep 2020
Why did you let go?
Someone asked me
I told him i did it for the memories,
To keep the picture of him safe in my mind,
To safeguard those misty dreary eyes,
Which carried innocence he thought he had long lost,
For the piousness in his speech,
Which i had once heard.
I had let go for the memories,
And those turbulent emotions
Which i had once felt,
For those ear to ear smiles which i had witnessed,
And for those arguments which no one ever lost.

Maybe someday I’ll learn to talk to him effortlessly again,
But till then he is tucked safely in my memories..
Some sweet and some savory.
That’s what poets do i told him,
They let go for the memories,
Before the happiness they once felt is overpowered by regrets and misery.
Letting go for the memories is the one thing which i have learnt...stubbornness and want just brings more grief and disfigures all the happy memories and the person you know. When i was younger i use to think i could never let go of anything, i use to think if i love, like, appreciate or want anything or anybody they ought to be with me forever. Not saying that attachment is evil but attaching yourself to emotions and good times and safeguarding them is wiser than being at war with what is happening in your right now or caging yourself in want and stubbornness. you never know maybe things might turn around with it’s own organic course and even if they don’t try not to  **** the memories or images  that have been created.Let them be.
Written by
R  23/F
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