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Sep 2020
We are the silence
Of the setting sun, vast glow
Sinking west, enormous
Power of such intensity
We are the raucous clamour
Death tumult, tumbling
Harsh-cried then in an eyeblink
Back to silence while
We watch and listen
Inky eyed, pitch attired
Feathers preened, a glisten
We are the reporters
We tell all, we fall
We glide, see all
We are the force of sight
Record all, coverage total
We are the force of night -
Midwinter night
Power raw
Savage or serene
Dark, soul to wing-tip
We are the force of death
And foreboding
We are Huginn and Muninn
The Ravens of Odin
Dawn Hogarth-Burton
Written by
Dawn Hogarth-Burton
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