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Sep 2020
We were a only whisper.
A shadow at sunset.
A black dawn
Across crimson skies.
We were embers touching
In the mist and dew
Not meant to become or last.

But how can I see you happy?
I wonder if that smile is real.
It looks like the ones you gave me.

Tell me,
Are your words the same too?
Do you touch the same
Fading dream, only to wake up
Beside another face
And wish it was me?
Do you scream and catch fire
Everyday in silence,
Like the secrets we kept alone?
Do you think of me on your neck
And between breaths
While you remember
The moments we hid from the world?

I would have ran with you.
I would have plunged in to that
Burning sky and be blinded,
Knowing I'm with you everyday.
But instead I'm drowning alone
In your fears.

I close my eyes
And all I see are
Red daggers in the dark,
In waves of time and loss
Knowing that you're gone.
How can I live
With what we've made?
I am still there and awake.
And you must be too.
I can't sleep. I was over this... Until I saw you without me.
Written by
Shane  M/SpaceTime/
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