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Sep 24
We will help you understand why.
There are times when we all are unwell:
Ways of thinking for yourself
      limits opportunities to solve life's problems
      difficult to live up to expectations.
Lets deal with life better
     you can hide from social situations,
     stop trying new things,
     and avoid things that seem difficult to you.
     that may make you feel safe.
     you might say that you are "too stupid"
     that "no one cares about you."
Find some good things
Add more regularly.
We can create new paths for ourselves.
We are all good at something.
People are interested in you,
Try to spend time with them,
Show them how you feel
     we give better advice to others than ourselves.
Being positive does not mean being impulsive
It has nothing to do with acting like everyone else.
Start by saying "No"
People often think they should say yes to others,
Refusal often does not break the relationship.
But it can help you move forward
Reference -
Dan Filcek
Written by
Dan Filcek  46/California
   Harry Roberts
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