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Sep 2020
I am the red flag
sprawled across your trembling limbs
when the world reminds you
that winter is also a season.

I am a reminder
that perfection exist
only in flawed visions
of how we see others
but refuse to see ourselves.

I'm the one you vent about
but refuse to listen to
because red flags
aren't viewed as imperfections
but as infractions;
Violations of laws
that neither of us agreed to
but live by.

Do you not see your own flags
boldly waving in the wind?
The way I stumble
beneath your force
or cringe
beneath your voice.

Do you talk about the way your flag
clings to it's pole?
Refusing to be pulled down?
Refusing to be burned?
An excerpt from a journal entry made on 9/18/2020. Currently dealing with my own flaws while quietly wondering if she notices her own...or even notices me.
Krystal M Toney
Written by
Krystal M Toney  F/Texas
     Autumn Noelle and izzn
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