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Sep 23
I am tired.
tired of working all of my
day away, tired of the give and
the give and the give and the never get
only to come home to
empty cupboards
and past due notices.

I am tired of the depression,
the anxiety, the scars on my wrist
and the ache in my brain.
tired of the what ifs and the
why nots and the carousel
that never stops spinning.
tired of feeling like all the tendrils
of me are wild animals
I will never tame.

tired of being told to grow up,
to get over it, to let it go.
tired of being loved for the idea
of me rather than the
person I am, the mess and
the mistakes and the broken
pieces I have painstakingly put back together.
tired of being told that version of me
isn't cutting it anymore.
tired of being loved on the pedestal,
tired of being left on the floor.

tired of being the bad guy
when all I am is tired of begging
asking, needing, screaming
for help. for more. for better.
tired of forgiving and never being

i am
unholy ghost
Written by
unholy ghost
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