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One day I met her, and
oh, it felt good.
I didn’t bother
from where she was coming
and where to she‘d go next.
For that moment
I felt complete again-
Happy, content, smiling, joking,
laughing, jumping, talking-
I was certainly floating
on a wave of emotions,
even if I had stolen them
from someone else.

I sat beside her
rubbing my arms against hers
even if she was not mine
to be touched,
to be felt,
to be kept
but, for that moment
I couldn’t stop
thinking about
touching her hand,
kissing her lips,
keeping her in my arms,
even if I knew
it would only last
for that moment,
and then,
someone else would hop on
to be with her
for a lifetime journey,
kicking me far away from her,
in an abyss of
despair and loneliness.
It was inevitable,
and I couldn’t stop him, so
before she’d wave me goodbye,
before she’d toss my memories
in the trash can,
before she’d reach that place-
where I spent months
adoring, caressing and loving her, where she’d stop seeing me even in her dreams and imaginations;
I wanted to feel her;
I wished to stop the clock;
I craved to be in her arms
for the last time.
Was that too much to ask for?

I finally plucked up the courage
and reached out for her hand.
My hands touched hers and she turned to meet my gaze-
I wish she wouldn’t have pulled her hand away like that;
at that moment,
as I was losing the warmth of her fingers,
I felt something snatched away
from me
something dear to my heart,
something which belonged to me.
In that one split second, I watched my dreams being ravaged by a simple yet heartbreaking two-letter word,
which she said abruptly.

My world shattered into
million pieces
never to be put back together,
and among them
I lost my poor heart,
maybe buried
like a carcass into the soil.
I should go back
and find him.
But until then
“Let’s cherish this moment,” she grinned
while raising her glass of wine.
Written by
Poor Broken Guy  25/M/India
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