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Sep 2020
Alone I walk an unpredictable trail,
Mind racing analyzing all the ways I fail.
Feeling that the surrounding reality stands still,
As if everything surrounding me attacks at their will,
Alone with nature’s vitality, separated by the emotions we feel.
Perceptions of life’s purpose is to endure the suffering,
Pain brings the opportunity of a lesson,
Student of life, searching for knowledge insatiably.
Empathy, gratitude, a positive attitude,
Clear cut path to humbling, a fractured ego,
Comfort is an illusion, primary emotions a placebo.
Obstacles on the trail... rivers, fallen trees and stones,
No one here to utter words capable of breaking bones.
Language more powerful than the Manhattan project,
Weaponized communication formulated without logic.
Living through our actions, dangerous words become silent,
Respected for our effort, Results of an ego no longer defiant.
Shrouded in chaos no absolute truth,
Awareness resides with a present mind.
Accepting of spaces magnificent design,
New moments present an opportunity to own.
Anxiety provoked mind crippled in fear,
Trust the process then your path will be clear.
Darkness sheds a light in the end,
Growth is in the shadows, humanities path to ascend.
Feedback is always appreciated.
Written by
Z  28/M/Michigan
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