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Sep 2020
The **** heralded a glorious morning
Then the Sun streaked across my room
Still very much in my Adamic nature
It reminded me of your magic wand
The one you wield In Sin City
That amplifies your melodious ringtones

I know you are my everything
Because when I really want anything
I can trust you for all things
Including those very special things
I am glad I aimed at your heart
With a well controlled breathing
Then like a marine, I took my shots
I am glad I did, it was worth all the risk

Even when I am in the other side
I talk about you in my dreams
With fond memories of you and our escapades
My joy is only complete with you by my side
And each time I look into your eyes; I see fire flies
Take my hands and hold me close
Take a deep breathe, close your eyes

Let's swing and dance to something really slow
And do the things we love to do
Of all the ways I love to say "I love you"
"........." is eternally my favourite
Your smile lightens my day as the Sun
And your voice; the oxygen I breathe every day

Beyond racial, tribal, educational and religious lines
I will fight for you my love
And if I perish; I perish
If I come to this world again and again
I will choose you over and over
For you are my last bus stop
You are my life, my everything

How I waited and waited for your manifestation
You are my eyes, my greatest reward
"Obim", I surrender to your love that knows no colour
I can't survive another night without you my love
Come to me my love, come
Let me show you how real men play
For in you lays my generation yet unborn
Written by
Babatunde Raimi
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