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Sep 2020
The good that you give
gives way to vision

the love that you live
if you only just tend to it

the light I possess
in the palms of my hands
but a spectrum these waves
all according to plan

and the weight of my body
is all just potential
in the atmosphere,
so then I move and you tell me
you're glad i'm here

you know if I let it
heat since I dare

there are lights in the bed
there is medicine in the water
baby there's just gold on the
walls of the Sun's red, hotter hotter

The good that we give
gives way to vision
the love that we live; Fluid
in the palms of our hands

the light of your path
if you love it baby tend to it
child the curve of your
cherry mouth
all accordingΒ Β to plan
first poem I have written in quite some time
Written by
Kitten Yvad
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