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Sep 11
It’s hard I know, the constant question lingering
Is this worth it?
Arguing everyday over stupidity and the results of overthinking thoughts
It’s dangerous taking a chance on love when the easiest thing and the hardest thing to do is leave.
I don’t have control over whether or not you choose to go.
I will fight with every breath in my body, I will show you it’s worth loving me
I fight because I know it’s worth it.
I know we can be better,
Time will tell if my efforts make a difference
I’m holding out my hand for a better world, with you by my side
I’m holding out for hope that the struggles and obstacles are temporary
If i strongly believe that it isn’t worth fighting for,
I’d be quiet and not care as much as I do
I love harder, I love more.
More than insecurities and doubts,
Those are minuscule and temporary, they fade away with every day we are together
You’re worth it
You’re more than enough, you’re better
We’re better
We’re stronger together
Conquer this world with me,
This is our time
I love you
Now and always
Written by
Grey  22/NM
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