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Sep 10
It drizzles of heavenly droplets,
Trickles of new perceptions fall breezily from the clouded sky above.
You aren’t menaced by a downpour of rain,
Though you clasp an umbrella in your palm.
You’re willing to let these riveting showers soak your face,
And with a welcoming outlook,
You clutch your umbrella upside down,
Cradling the open canopy in your arms like a newly born baby.
You watch your world in your palms,
As the torrent of rain creates a swimming pool inside of your umbrella.
These remarkable ideas,
Fill up your world.

You watch as the wild blue yonder fogs with a flurry of grey,
And the sky erupts a spill of rain.
You deem the drizzle to be threatening,
And so very infuriating.
You don’t long to be drenched,
By the rainstorm of clashing beliefs.
You’re pure from mismatching difference,
And through a sensation of fear,
You hastily carry your umbrella high.
It shields you from the surrounding world,
Swamped by the cloudburst.
Your world shelters you,
From everything that is unfamiliar.
The showers of jarring minds tumble from the sky,
Through unease you dismiss them with your own world,
Your shielding umbrella canopy,
And protect yourself from difference.

In the distance you see a figure,
Drenched by the sky’s showers.
She’s carrying her world upside down,
Filling it with the rain that plummets from the sky.
The figure smiles,
And her beaming expression speaks of joy.
Her open mind,
Lead her to happiness.
Farzeen Rashid
Written by
Farzeen Rashid  16/F/Surrey BC Canada
(16/F/Surrey BC Canada)   
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