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Sep 2020
The light from the candles illuminate the chamber.

Bubbles caress my skin as I bask in silence.

Memories flood the room like water in this tub.

I smile to myself as I twirl my finger around the rim of my crystal glass.

The chill embraces my touch.  

Delicately, I sip my wine letting the rich velvety substance carry me back to you.

My body twists and turns inside the time warp.

It spins me around and around until it spits me out.

I fall to the floor in a jumbled mess.

I glance around the room, and quickly focus on you.

Amusement is dancing in your bold green eyes.

Your laugh trickles around the room.

The sweet melody enchant my ears.

I reach out to catch the notes floating in the air.

I carefully hold them in my hands

They attempt to pull their tiny feet from my grip, but I refuse to let them go.

Purity surrounds you.

It bares your soul for all to see.

This moment of you is so raw and real.

I snap a mental photograph, and memorize the pixels it holds.

Suddenly, I am swept off my feet.

Kindness and joy whirl me around the room.

We dance with no rhythm, and no reason at all.

My partners whisper sweet words to me, and tell me that they are from you.

My emotions come charging forward.

Their voices roar inside my head.

They pound on the walls to be let out.

The war causes a single tear to trace a path down my face.

My feet guide themselves towards you.

They are drawn to the feelings that surround you.

I walk down the narrow crumbling path until Reality shoves me down a black hole.

Reality stands over me with his wicked grin.

He crushes my soul with his hands.

Fragments are scattered around us.

I gather them off the dusty floor.

They form the photograph he wants me to see.

You are drunk

Intoxication at its finest.

Don't worry I'll pour you another glass

I'll watch the bottle vanish, and savor the last memory caused by the  bitter-sweet substance.
Written by
Cara Anne Evenson
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