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Jun 2013
I could balance these thoughts with saccharine words,
held carefully in prose just to impress, but would they speak?
Or just be heard?
Can my heart be bold enough to articulate something my speech fails?

A force within my chest is pushing this hollow sound higher.
Its rising and I can almost taste the words being shaped.

You smile and the syllables are forming.
I am afraid that if I smile back those words will just slip between my
teeth and kiss the space that separates us.

And am I ready to leave the comfort of this vacancy?

What if I told you, you were beautiful? Truly beautiful.
Would you release the hold your stare has on me?
What if I told you, you radiate light through the opaque?
Would you let that shine warm these lonely fingers?

No imposter.
Only imposing on the walls built up by others.
Brick by brick and cemented firmly in place with mistrust and infidelity.
Although argued, my persistence will not waiver. Even in storm.

It is said that love is the only thing worth hurting for--
And when love is pure, you shouldn't have to hurt.
In friendship or in passion, let me be your reminder--
Some people leave their hearts open as to be someone's safe harbor.
And so I beckon...Come. Rest in me.

For those who forget there is always someone willing to fight for you. We are His Beloved.
SG Rose
Written by
SG Rose  San Diego
(San Diego)   
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