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Jun 2013
It's one of these feelings where I know if I could just hear your voice
a sweeter honey, smoothing out my rough edges
that I could settle these raging tides in my heart
long enough to sit still and just be.

And if I could just feel your touch for a moment
a softer satin, soothing my tattered spirit
I could actually spread wide my arms and
welcome another in.

Yet as I feel him sink his teeth in to the
vein leading directly from my heart to
my feet, I am stepping out  from this
routine and reaching to the unknown.

because this fear dislocates the numb's hold

and although the thorns draw blood to the surface
it's almost comforting to know I can still bleed

because without your sweet whispers,
reminding me that there is beauty in the
breakdown, I am scared I will never resurface
as a refined portrait of the woman I started

and instead I will be proof that loving and
losing has it's sweeter revenge.
SG Rose
Written by
SG Rose  San Diego
(San Diego)   
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