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Sep 2020
Lately I’ve been thinking
Thinking to myself
That this life’s been sinking
Sinking beyond the belt
It’s up to my neck
In all the **** that I dealt
I drove straight into a wreck
With all the guilt that I felt
So I guess my life wasn’t worthy
To move on by myself
I need you in a hurry
Before all my time runs out
So baby bring the gurney
For I lost my way
It’s dark and it’s scary
And all the lights gone away
I’m broken and thirsty
For all you love today
Don’t leave me cold turkey
Please help ease my pain

Baby this life
  I can’t take it
I want to be heavily medicated
  Every time I try to sleep
I’m awaken
  Promises I couldn’t keep
Has me breaking
  Days turns into weeks
And I’m fading
  Moments to soon to speak
Words complicating
   I’m lost within reach
And I’m irritated
   Baby this life
I can’t take it
Paul Sheridan Sanchez
     --- and Ben Noah Suri
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