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Sep 4
imagine if i dated you for almost a year
but before we could make it annual, i chose to disappear
imagine if i was your one and only best friend
and then i got a job, got some more, and less time together we spend

imagine if i strayed away oh so very far
driving where i wanted to––you don't know the history of my car
imagine if i starting vaping, though my lungs are very weak
and then i got scammed out of my money, but the high i still seek

imagine if i started hiding everything from you
because i misbehaved, but that's not what i want the world to view
imagine if i told you some things, but gaslit you not to worry
and then i quickly give us a break and make our love story so blurry

imagine if i went to a party for the first time and met another guy
i got his snapchat, we started talking, but he doesn't know that i
have a boyfriend, he's alone, and doesn't know a thing i've done
because i want to be a good girl, but only the bad things are fun

imagine if i ****** this guy while we were still together
but you don't really know that because you don't know any better
but since i've done all the bad **** that i manipulated you into thinking untrue
you go batshit alone, i'm nowhere close to you

you have no chance to mad anymore, i'm so **** far away
i get what i want, baby, yes, it's always been that way
you are just so far behind me, now i'm doing what i want
but i am now a ghost, and you are who i haunt
Written by
killian  18/F
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