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Jun 2013
your lips are a sort of heaven
take that from an athiest

I used to believe in God
until he took away the one I loved most
and even though I don't believe
I hope I'm wrong
because surely someone as beautiful as you
deserves a heaven

your words are a sort of paradox
seemingly neverending, thank God
I don't know what I'd do without them

but also like a maze that I can't find my way out of
you've got my mind spinning and I wouldn't want
to find my way even if I could

and don't get me started on your eyes
because I can't help but look into them and see an hourglass
ticking down the time until you leave again and i'll be
praying to whoever will listen that I get to see them one last time
they're blue like the sky,

sky blue sky blue
I've never written words more true
Written by
blankpoems  Canada
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