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Sep 2020
I was shirtless
doing yard work in the hot sun.
And for a brief moment
I catch a girl’s eyes on me
from across the yard.
There is no word or movement.

Back to my work
I can feel her eyes
raking my arms
to my chest
down to my stomach
and around my back.
She has yet to come to me.
Instead, taking her time.

Finally breaking out of her hypnosis
I see her walking over to me.
Up close and personal.
There is no word or movement.
I just let her observe my face
as she traces my jaw and my lips
with her gaze.
She sees me, but she can’t see me.

Until her eyes reach my own.
They hold me, never leaving me.
There is no word or movement.

And with that
she strips me of the flesh I live in
with my soul naked in front of her.
Though I’m scared to let her have it,
for the sake of its fragility,
I’m not afraid to let her see me.
She can look at me
all she wants.
And I want to be the only one
she can see.
Written by
Derrick Cox  New York
(New York)   
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