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Sep 2020
It’s the 4th of July
and I ride with Summer
to Coney Island to watch the fireworks.
But she’s the only firework I want to watch.
The only one that excites me.
Her kisses are a flame
burning my flesh
a crimson passion that makes us sweat
with all our hot ***.

August is here
and Summer’s touch is warm air
brushing against my skin
saying she loves me
I can feel her presence every morning
when she is about to wake me up
to go out with her.
Let it be wet and warm in the water
our footprints leaving trails in the sand
Dancing on the floor
like there’s nothing and no one around us,
but us.

I can do this with her forever,
but it’s now September.
I know Summer has to leave,
but I want her to stay.
I love her.

I look at her eyes
as they shine at me like the sun
A light that makes me smile
brightening my world.
She’s gorgeous.
I know she’ll be back
and I’ll be waiting;
just as we both have
year after year.

Leaves are falling in October
And I’ve terribly missed
I look up at the sky
to see clouds spread apart
and the sun shinning down at me.
A warm breeze brushes against my skin.

I love you,
Written by
Derrick Cox  New York
(New York)   
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