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Sep 2020
The alarm rings on my phone.
I want to stay here. With you. In bed.
But I gotta get up for work.

According to the mirror
I didn’t get enough of you last night.
The circles around my eyes are proof.
Don’t fix me breakfast.
I’ll make myself a cup of coffee.
Can’t have you distracting me today.

It’s not you. It’s me.
I stay up late at night
picking at my refrigerator
watching videos on YouTube
until I finally want you.
When I need you, it’s difficult for me.
I toss and turn
Eyes opening and closing,
opening and closing
until you come for me.

The middle of the day
and all I’m thinking about is you.
I hope you’ll visit me during my break,
but I must stay woke
My coworkers ask me
what I did over the weekend
and all I ever talk about is you.

Clocking out, I hear home, open my door,
and head straight for my bedroom
where I find you waiting for me.
I don’t care about a shower,
brushing my teeth or changing clothes.
My body instantly falls on you
with my mind taken to another world
where I can stay with you
for as long as I can.

Waking up from you
I feel great. And guilty.

I’m sorry I haven’t spent time with you.
I promise,
I’m gonna do my best
to focus on you everyday of my life.
No more coffee, NyQuil or pills.
Just me and you.
Just give me time to fix myself.

Remember when we first met?
It was all arranged. I was a kid.
And I had to be with you
every school night at 8:00pm.
I thought it was ridiculous.
As I grew up,
I realized why I needed that time with you.
Because without you, I’m a white walker.
You’re important to me.
Written by
Derrick Cox  New York
(New York)   
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