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Sep 2020
Hi this is Brian Allan again
Reporting to you from the basement I am been held in with Patrick Enright and Brendan Schulz and today the kidnapper came in with a big axe, well he was putting it away but he said to Brendan I am coming to get you and I am going to **** you and me and Patrick started to get scared that the kidnapper was going to **** us all and the kidnapper went away saying heh heh heh heh I have those young people right where I want them and me and Patrick and Brendan were struggling trying to escape and the kidnapper came back and whipped us with his garden hose and yelled out you youngens will never escape from me and we all tried to scream but the duct tape was nicely gripped around our mouths we couldn’t be heard
If I didn’t text on the phone nobody will know what is happening to us
Brendan was moving around the garage trying to find a way out of here but it is impossible for us to escape because the tape was on so tight, the kidnapper came back and picked up Brendan and said tonight I will cook you on my barbecue and have fresh tasty young boy for dinner
And I started to struggle my way over there to save Brendan and the kidnapper got the axe and threatened to chop our heads off and me and Patrick and Brendan tried to scream through our duct tape on our mouths
But we found it impossible to be heard
And the kidnapper left saying heh heh heh I have the family people *******
We say to you all
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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