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Sep 2020
I’ve long for a real touch
For where I am, am not getting any
I’ve long for the ‘I love you’
I’ve long for the ‘I want you’
I’ve long for the hot desire of wanting you.

But, rejection is all am facing
You not touching me
You not wanting me
You not pleasuring me

I’ve long for the ******* of something sweet
I’ve long for your lingering touch
I’ve long for your French kiss
I’ve long for your roughness that I always want

But, sadness is all am feeling
Your touch feels like hot fire
Your wanting feel like longing
Your pleasure feels like physical abuse.

I’ve long to hear you speak humble to me
I’ve long for your compliment towards me
I’ve long for your time
I’ve long for your honesty

But, selfishness is all I see in you.
You touch me when you want
You wanting of me is low
You pleasure me when you want

Where is the hot desire?
Where is the love for me?
Where is the wanting?
Where is the pleasure?
Written by
Moesha Subria Ricketts  19/F/Jamaica
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