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Jun 2013
They came through our Forest
And spread through it their stone,
Through this haven
They thought they could take.
And the Little ones ran,
Afraid and confused -
The play-place was changed,
But it was their mistake.

And the Little ones thought,
Burn the corruption,
Burn the corruption,
Light it on fire,
Light it on fire!

The blind mute child came,
And he tried to tell,
So the Watcher came
To see what they'd done.
He brought the rest,
The ones who could help,
But all were needed
So to this scene they would run.

And everyone thought,
Burn the corruption,
Burn the corruption,
Light it, light it,

So they all gathered round
And trapped the intruders;
They stood in the way
Of the corruption's path.
The New Ones were stopped,
Surrounded, even,
And they could do nothing
To escape their wrath.

And they stood and chanted,
Burn the corruption, and
**** those who bring it!
Light them on fire,

And the sword of the Angels
Was just over their heads.
They cowered and looked up
So hopelessly.
But the loneliest one,
Who saw so much loss before,
Stood in its way,
And helped them to see.

And they learned they knew not what they had done, and realized,
*End the corruption, but
Forgive those who brought it.
Light it on fire,
Cleanse the forests, and
Cleanse those who hurt them,
The flames will renew,
Written by
Gerudo  22/F/Somewhere, Hopefully
(22/F/Somewhere, Hopefully)   
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