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Aug 2020
Be careful where you look,
For you might peer,
Into the Eyes.
The window to the soul.
The eyes that draw you in,
Might be the same that end you.
Look away
Don't be fooled
Trouble is what follows
For my eyes,
(Yes my eyes).
Sweet enough to
Make your mouth water.
A taste so enticing
Wanting more
Yet, wondering
What a taste is actually like.
From my eyes,
To yours.
What do you see?
Do you see
My eyes,
Mesmerizing you?
Captivating your soul?
Entwining it to mine?
Together maybe for a while,
Maybe for life,
Who knows?
Just beware,
My eyes!
Written by
Talon Robinson  24/GA, USA
(24/GA, USA)   
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