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Aug 2020
Sometimes I wonder whether I am mad
How do l know I am mad?
Mad never knows he is mad
If he ever knows that, he wouldn't be mad
The scenario is really sad
Let's turn to psychologists and psychiatrists
What they have said on the topic
They say your vision is myopic
Everybody is mad somehow, it is tragic
You live in a mad mad world
You are mad if they find you difficult
You are mad if you are sad
You are mad if you are glad
You would be declared mad without confusion
If you are different from mass illusion
I don't know whether I am mad
If majority opinion declares me mad
I would be glad I didn't belong to the herd of sheep
If majority opinion declares it otherwise
I would be glad I am different from the mad world outside
For me both ways it's a win win situation!
Naveen Malhotra
Written by
Naveen Malhotra  M
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