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Aug 2020
we often think that
our enemies are those who hate us
loath us
deceive us
cause us pain

but the real antagonists of our lives
are really just ourselves

even as for those
who foolishly say they love themselves
they just can't accept
the hatred deep within

we have unrevealed battles
with ourselves
other people aren't of much importance
embracing ourselves matters more

we're so enthralled with
the affairs of others
that we start defining ourselves
the way we perceive them

we try to free ourselves
from the ideas that we need to be
like them
and yet
our minds become our own prisons

we're our own enemies
we're our own foes
we're our own rivals
and we're also our only hope

the key to our minds are our hearts
and maybe one day
we wouldn't see ourselves
on the opposing side
29th january, year 2018
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