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Aug 2020
Within the bounds of our friendship,
I always hear sirens going off in the distance.

On sunset strolls in my compact backyard,
I’m gazing at the tinted sky,
Painted by God with a golden flat paintbrush,
Heavenly skies of a fused crimson and Indian yellow.
The cars beyond my fence bolt in all possible roadways,
I can sense the urban vivacity on the other end of this barrier.
Teenagers wandering along the pavement,
Rattling on about something stupidly silly,
And giggling noisily on the sidewalk,
As cars honk on the busy streets.
The Tim Hortans parking lot is partly empty in the evening,
People exit with hot chocolates and black coffees gripped in their palms.
The August sunshine begins to set in the west,
Behind the steady green traffic lights,
Staining the sky with beautiful blazing flames.
The streetlights flicker as the evening shifts to nightfall,
On my end of the fence I’m touched by rural life.
I’m tranquilly soaking my plants,
Feeding them with a daily dose of garden hose water.
The tree I planted when I was eight,
And my mint shrubs sleeping in the corner.
The ants dance in circles on the grey tiles,
And a dog barks in a distance three townhouses away.
The sky is moonlit,
Sprinkled with thousands of stars.
But on this beautifully serene night,
I can hear a harsh ringing.
It’s getting louder and louder,
I’m making an effort to take no notice of it and admire the nighttime beauty,
But the noise smogs my mind.
Louder and louder,
Like a newborn baby wailing,
A foreign ringing from the distance,
It’s getting closer.
The closer it’s getting the more overwhelmed I feel,
I just can’t take it anymore,
I think I’m dying!
Call an ambulance,
Or 9-1-1!


Through the complexities of our bond,
All I could hear,
Were sirens in a distance.
They were oceans away,
And very faint,
Yet I looked the other way,
And covered my ears.
I let this toxic relationship ruin me.
It got louder,
But I kept choosing you over the constant warnings,
And all the ringing alarm bells for help.
You had already destroyed me,
And that’s when I could hear the sirens the most,
When they were so utterly close to me.
But it was too late,
And long over-due.
The sirens grew faint,
And suddenly,
I was helplessly stuck,
In a toxic friendship.
Farzeen Rashid
Written by
Farzeen Rashid  16/F/Surrey BC Canada
(16/F/Surrey BC Canada)   
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