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Aug 2020
Why it like this?
See a anthill as a mountain untill we bridge the hurdle and fly over it, over sight
Looking back i can no longerย ย see my irrational fears
Washed away by all of my rational tears,ย hindsight.

Never forget we borne in a state of fight
Even if the evil of the world attempts around every corner to shut it out
We push through the blinding darkness
In our hearts we will always have a guiding light
Sometimes we wonder if we living right
The fact that you asked that question
Its a type of consciousness, so I have no doubt in your plight for righousness.

How did we get to this point
When the meaning life of has become less than a point
Everything we lead to believe is fake
There's no truth in this world
It got out, it escaped.
It disappeared with real history
Written in masquerade ink
Hiding mistakes and atrocities.

So in essence they killed it
So there is no escape.
So do we accept what they falsely feed us
Even though we know that it's fake
Nations wiped out,
displayed in musuems
History's grim laced with snakes,
Alexander was great, but Gengis was a tyrant that all woman he *****

What's the difference? Colour of skin.

Now do get where I'm coming from
Open your mind,
Stop eating
the sugary mold they've been feeding
To dampen the mind and truth becomes lies
The revolution is now,
Like a phoenix from the ashes new hope will arise.
Don't stay blind
Open your consciousness
Give your thoughts wings let it soar above the chaos...
The truth can no longer hide
We opened our eyes
The end of all lies should be Nigh.
Conscious poetry
Written by
Faizel Farzee  34/M/South Africa
(34/M/South Africa)   
   Salmabanu Hatim
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