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Aug 2020
Say it's ok
To admit
Fears and feelings and I'm kind of freaking out
Maybe I'm still scared of the dark
I've never had that peace
A walk in the park
When it gets dark

Can you
Please stay
For emotional confessions and awkward conversations
Maybe it's ok to trust you
When someone loves you
You don't have to be
Scared of the dark

Promise we
Can dance in the dark

By the light of the moon
You and I spinning slowly
A waltz
A dip
The softest kiss

Maybe we will be alright

When morning comes
If you're by my side
Everything will be fine
Promise to stay
Don't ever stray
I think
We'll be ok

And sometimes I'll be lost
Sometimes you will too
It's dark at night
Hold my hand
And it's all ok

Maybe we will be alright
Uhh this is pretty sweet and I don't know where it came from but I'm not complaining.
July Gray
Written by
July Gray  17/Non-binary
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