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Aug 17
Some Angels are Blue they say
Flying higher and faster than any others
Sky rocketing towards a sun they cant see past
I sat on the roof of my childhood house
Watching, mesmerized, focused on the #12
That number zooms farther and faster than the rest
Always my favorite number
Years later I met that pilot
Just too hear he died the next week
I didn't know when I was just watching
Imagining myself in the **** with that person
Someone so brave and brilliant
While I was scared I'd fall from the 9 foot fall
Terrified, I held on to small lips of the shingles
Shaking each time a plane got close
Being just a few miles away, the house shook each time
I cried a lot that day
Sobbing silently as my emotions overthrew me
I sat petrified, but determined to be in the sky
The smell of sweet smoke filled the air from a small grill
It distracted me as tears fell
Focused on the light in my eyes,
I didn't have to worry about if my mother would switch
She was doing good
Sober for a few weeks strong, it could change at any moment
The ladder ledged against the house rumbled
Frequent with each stretch of the sky rockets passing
This was one of the best days I hold in my memory
I can see my little sister sitting beside me
Telling me not to be scared as she holds my hand
I wish to never forget
While I miss it, I would never go back
Written by
JasFow  22/F/Virginia
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