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Aug 2020
Discarded memory pursues and abandons,
a sour scent falling
through an empty room.
Tired, unwanted, I rest within
grieving borders, edges crumpled
in agony. Pillows cradle heads,
and lights go dark to hide their shame.
Staring into the darkness of a blank
wall, I clench my jaw.

Forgotten, repressed, are the details
of what happened, swimming now
in viscous history. Yet still
the pressure, fear and betrayal,
bellow through with agony.
My tongue passes my lips
to taste familiar salinity,
I am blinded by red walls
and boxes on the floor.

Did I really lose an island?
A bloom of flowers?
I can recall a light, a youth,
something I had before.
But I am now
isolated, guarded and hostile.
The water is gone,
I am lost in the dry sand.
Apr 2020
Scarlet Niamh
Written by
Scarlet Niamh  21/Aberdeen
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