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Aug 15
There is a heaven always on the horizon
Distantly visible by the naked eye
From any place on the surface
One can see its shimmering towers
Swaying and sparkling
As if in a mirage
They say long ago someone left
On a lifetime journey to reach that place
It is not known or said
If they ever arrived
But all who tell the story
Collectively hope
That such a thing could be done
Even by a mortal man
Some that tell this tale
Said he was aided along the way
By one of those great beings
Terrible to belong yet full of grace
When his knees fell to the earth
And he could go on no more
They carried him to the gates
Of that distant heaven
Whose true nature before or since
Has never been beheld
Hadrian Veska
Written by
Hadrian Veska
   Hadrian Veska
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