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Aug 2020
I've come to realise this awful feeling I have, the one that makes my guts turn and my tears fall, the feeling that makes my skin crawl, it's rage. Pure blooded rage.
Any other time I'll deny it, but right now? Right
now I'm angry, I'm furious and I'm sick of
being mistreated and tossed aside like

Day after day I await a response, a simple hello, or I'm just not okay right now, anything would be better than this. Than knowing you're ignoring me and only me. Knowing that any second you could disappear
from my life and feel nothing while I feel
everything. You love me? Yeah right. If you
loved me you wouldn't knowingly put me through
this pain and heartache. So why drag it on? If you're done with me tell me. Dont make me hold out hope that every notification is a text from you, that you'll decide you want me again. Because I need you.

I'm angry,
I'm breaking down,
and you don't have a clue,
or maybe you do and you just dont care.
What's it been, four, no five months since weve
had a real conversation. Since I've had a real
conversation with anyone really. Since you left
me high and dry everyone else has too. So why
am i still fighting for just an ounce of effort
from you. I keep saying, todays the day,
he'll respond I know it, just to be let
down when im once again ignored.
I know youre toxic, i know youre
just gonna keep tearing me
apart, but i can't let you go,
I won't. I love you too much to
care for myself. Till my last breath
I will be waiting for that response, for
the love you say you have for me. And if
that day never comes? Well my life will surely
be a sad one.
Written by
Lemon  16/F/The Void
(16/F/The Void)   
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