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Aug 11
i imagine we're a little like lines
stretching out into the universe,
always on the same path
but never quite crossing.
we've been treading this crooked road
for quite some time now,
and i've got a little theory
i don't take too lightly,
but i think our souls were meant
to find each other.
i quite honestly
cannot imagine my life without you.
and in these endless days
and months of static quiet,
i find my mind racing back to you
and searching for moments
when these sparks collide
like little pinpricks
poking at my heart
and telling meβ€”
this is not a boy you meet every day.
all the signs are pointing
straight to you
but these walls are built a little too thick
and i can't seem to pummel through.
help me understand
what it is i need to do
for you to let me in
because i can't stop thinking
about the sentences you write,
and the stories you tell,
and the words that cross your mind.
when you lie awake at night,
where do your dreams take you?
whose thoughts do you haunt?
where am i
in this convoluted head of yours?
where do i keep my heart
when every bated breath
is spent imagining another timeline
where we had met a little sooner,
where you had chosen me
without another thought,
where i could make you much happier
and keep the shadows at bay.
in this humid, crowded space,
this rambunctious roar of emotions,
this bursting flurry of delusion,
this flimsy daytime dreaming
is what keeps me holding on.
there's space for us, darling,
somewhere in the other-verse.
hold on tight.
i'll see you in another time.
can't stop thinking about you. thought i'd put it in words.
Imara Vaglez
Written by
Imara Vaglez
       Shubhankar Mathur, Cat and Jamadhi Verse
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