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Aug 2020
They’ll never see your potential
Then again, that’s not the purpose.
You Live for yourself, everything you
stand for
Nothing more, consume the hate
Learn to forgive, no matter how
Hate is a rotten tooth, your tooth
Don’t Live with it, learn to let go.
Only then will you evolve really.

Hate won’t be defeated by a credential
Although, not necessarily useless.
Just wishing for a better view.
Anything so ugly, unsympathetic.
To reveal your true beauty somehow.
Solve your problems at the root
Start with yourself in order to grow
Your better than what you can be.

Rid yourself of the existential
Your existence is beyond flawless
Show You the Love you never knew,
Spread your empathy, my Symphony
The time to finally let go is now.
So please, Love, it’s your turn to shoot
Your stance, strength’s from below
Please, for me, learn to be Free.
This poem retains to everyone, live to your fullest.
Written by
   Aer, Bogdan Dragos and ---
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