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Aug 2020
2 crinkly blue,
Birthday balloons.
Teeming with helium,
Floating in your room.
Lightbulbs began blinking,
As I captured a brilliant idea,
And shared it with all of you.
We scampered to find scrap paper in your drawer.
I dug up a pen and you rooted out a Sharpie,
We hurried to jot down something witty.
A secret message we thought,
We shared our cake of mind,
As we thought it was crazy.
“We must write something historic!”
“Something idiotic but also incredible!”
“We’re going to be famous!”
They praised my handwriting,
Whilst I composed our secret message,
And signed using all our first names.
We speedily rushed to link our secret message to the balloon,
And squabbled about where it should go.
I thought tied to the end of the string would be good,
But you proposed directly on the balloon,
So I settled and agreed.
We struggled to tape it,
And realized midway,
Our message was double sided!
Laughing it off we kept going,
We scurried outside to your backyard,
And stood under the cloudless blue sky.
The 4 of us grasped the string together,
And we let it go up into the heavens.
Like a ghost the balloon awkwardly danced in the sky,
Until it soared.
We laughed and screamed,
We stumbled and watched it fly,
Until it was far,
Far away.
We waved goodbye at the tiny twinkling blue dot in the sky,
And hoped whoever found it,
Would smile.
Farzeen Rashid
Written by
Farzeen Rashid  16/F/Surrey BC Canada
(16/F/Surrey BC Canada)   
   Imran Islam
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