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Aug 2020
For as smart as I am,
You are the stupid in me.
We aren’t meant to be,
You see,
You’re too big for you’re own good
So they take advantage and leave
As Always,
I flood my emotions, the Sea
Erasing every part of me.
A sandy, sham of what I am

You’re not at fault here
I hold you in high exalt, dear
Im afraid it’s into the vault from here
I cannot keep you near, my puppeteer
Although, I see a future that is clear.
A life is only as happy as you hear
Silence the noise, your potential is inhere, and that’s you, Dear.

So flail your tantrum towards thee,
More tragic than Shakespeare.
The future holds many uncertainties
Building a life without Happiness is like building a life in the Sand.
So have more faith, Darling

As Always, your True Love, Sincerely.
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