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Aug 5
Emerging from the forest and towards the fire a wolf drew up to two pigs.

“I am a wolf in search of the company of wolves”

“Do you mind if I share your fire?”

“Not at all. The company of pigs will do you good” replied the pigs

“ Do not worry about that noise you hear” they said

“For we are many and other pigs will join us soon”

“Delightful! said the wolf

“Partake! Partake! Enjoy the wine! said the pigs

As the wolf imbibed to his hearts content he grew inebriated.

“Is that a pig with a knife?” he laughed

“No! You are drunk” said the pigs

Having said it the pigs slashed the wolf’s throat
Decline to dine when asked by swine
Harriet Cleve
Written by
Harriet Cleve
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