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Aug 4
it's just that
people, they disappoint me
you know
i am always longing for an arm that's never there

trying to touch the cracks
i will bleed i know
and i am searching for homes
where I am not bounded to lie my head

i don't want to belong anywhere
and i also want to be in everybody's heart like a dream
but i don't want to feel their cracks
i just want to heal mine

it sounds selfish
but why should i be the one to care?
people i cared for
they never cared for me anyways

people always disappoint me
i don't want to lie in their arms
and make them feel safe
because they areΒ Β broken

their sharp edge scars me
always, always
they hurt me
knowing that they are hurting me

but they hurt me anyways
love is too broken
too broken, too broken
and for me, it's never fair
Written by
starfall and lilac air  behind the stars
(behind the stars)   
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