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Aug 2020
I’ve been waiting
waiting for words to appear
in front of my eyes
like that invisible milk ink
secret messages appearing over fire
for our victorious protagonist to read
But no words come
to describe how I imagine myself kissing
I’ve never felt so empty of emotional vocabulary
I don’t know if I’m just lonely
Just if
I’ve always been lonely
I don’t know if I’m finally
too old for such affected flights
of fancies
with strangers
my mind has picked up ostrich feathers as if they were diamond chandeliers
Too quick to hang them in the Hall and worship silly feathers
I swore I shouldn’t fall in love again
To love again
would destroy my weakened mind and body
I breathe in shaky breaths and hear you speaking rationally
between friends
I’m just a lonely lover
Too tired to be anything more
than one bright star
in the short hours before you see your dawn
I’m so glad I conquered my anxiety and and exhaustion and became more
Written by
Elioinai  Georgia
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