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Aug 2020
It goes back histories ago, you’ve heard the stories.
Humans, born as a giant beast, uneventfully split as punishment.
That split soul became the humans we are now, two halves separate.
The story goes, life after life, their kind would search endlessly for the other half.
Destined to never unite, destined to feel incomplete for all eternity.

Our soul doomed to search endlessly until the end of time, but I know fate is in our favor, benign

If I can’t be with the rest of my sole, then I’d rather be left a hole

Their love is more than adequate, it’s a feeling that never quits

I thought I found you some time ago, but it was a selfish soul with an ego

I guess I’ll continue my search, I don’t think I can survive much longer without your perch

Thought I found you again later in my journey, but I was just a slave to a sick wretched tourney

I use to look up to the stars at night, ponder, are you too thinking of holding me tight?

No matter how much time it’s been, I will feel the same for you as I did then

It’s the way our spirit makes me feel, full enough I don’t ever need another meal

Our spiritual bond will not be forgot, we are intertwined together as a knot

I will never again let this curse leave me detain, I fight with love, not distain

Until finally, through my search I found you, without using any of my senses, I knew. you did too

I know you’ll never leave us again, our journey together has just began

I know our pain may hurt, but we’ll always rise stronger no matter how hard we hit the dirt

I’m more than jovial our souls were united, life was so hard while we were divided

I felt what you felt when we were apart, we knew something was wrong from the start

Those happy days I felt so much pain, I could feel you fighting just to keep sane

The things we’d do to one another, it would leave blood covered on each other

I searched for you my whole life, if I’m lucky enough one day I’ll call you my wife

No matter the weather, nor life as rough as leather, or as dark as the nether, as long as we are together our soul will not tether
Have you found your Whole?
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