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Aug 1
Share a tone
Of voice, set to right's
Composed of a courage's home
Simplicity to move, among might's

Kisses that alienate works?
Let in the burden's we accept are, is
Time meant form, spirit, and certainty?
Sharing the tone of bliss...

Tall memory's, worth haste's moment
Complete in the eyes of life sulking
Hap, to admit the light relents
Here is a wish, wizened face's found integrity's halting

Presumption irony, the tale of a cause
Baring the stone of consideration, a walk
Of promises and unique longevity; a reason seen, a reason thought
Truth in its marvel, to select silence as a fate's fulfilment...

Tired eyes, with consciences to direct...
Given over to antiquity, gall and gaiety without...
A tranquility learned, a quiet to reflect...
God in his mercy, climbing to sense, to pout...
Written by
David Hilburn  51/M/Des Moines, Iowa
(51/M/Des Moines, Iowa)   
     Imran Islam and Carlo C Gomez
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