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Jul 31
Why do people 'FALL' in love?

Love should't be something you fall in and fall out from

Or is it some sort of mistake in 'wordplay?'

If it is, isn't that a terrible one?
For words and words are the sublime "hope that will save us."

Shouldn't one 'RISE' in love?
Shouldn't you 'RISE' in love?

Seems to me a reasonable question to ask ourselves
Before going out there and trying to
'Fall' yet again
For someone or for OURSELVES.

We are not some 'season'
Defined by a mere rotation of curvature.
We are blood and brains...

Would it be so unpleasant if we tried and lived a little, lived in love, rising in it each day?
live a little! Rise in love, don't fall!
Written by
Himaanshh  25/M
   Fawn, Veritia Venandi and Diya
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