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Jul 31
Hey, 2020, praying person, what do you pray,
I saw you praying,
what were you saying,
how do you do
called prayer, is it easy, is it hard, is there a right way,
is there a wrong?
H'lafwearden, teach us to pray. Must you beg?

-- I would that ye should pray unceasingly.\
-- imagine that, as a kid,
-- six years into being.
-- Thy will.
-- Be done, at your service, my
command, learn, recite, learn, recite, learn re

after ever learning truth expands,
we can never catch ever resting
in peace.

Sunday school or Hebrew school or Madrassa
people of the book, look, look
a word
to the wise
is enough, you can we what you claim to be
and we shall see,
we shall.
Show yourselves lovers of wisdom and truth and
no lie,
the self evident truth will be your witness.

Define you, and truth shall form the you you wish.
2020 tech, do-overs, set to auto. Imagine better,
not good,
aim at completion,
just better, each time, live to the end,

sleep and rise, expecting to recall all you ever needed
to finish this one
before, facing dawn, once more.
After all. being old comes with perks, lessons learned, lonesome valleys walked, lessoning maxims learned and lost in spells that failed, but prayer,
once watched working and practiced for fifty years, 2020, as it turns out is what you get/
Ken Pepiton
Written by
Ken Pepiton  72/M/Pine Valley CA
(72/M/Pine Valley CA)   
   W L Winter
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