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Jul 30
Remarks hang
low in the gut
so dense they have there own gravity...
Freedom of opinions
ignorance is bliss
free speech becomes a travisty

Out of taste
and fashion
like a garish 80s bandana
an appendix burst
or rupture to the spleen
a spanner in the works
of a fine tuned machine

Hard to digest
pain bursts through my chest
like a xenomorph in nirvana
indigestible & foul
dry cat **** on a trowel
you are my green banana
I coined the phrase "A green banana" to describe a friend who you cherish dearly but has an opinion about something that you can't agree with eg. Disagreeing with the Black Lives Matter movement. You can't cut this person out of your life because of this as you've been lifelong friends. That person is your green banana.
Written by
Syd  35/M/UK
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