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Jul 26
A chameleon
I've become
Self taught
To blend
And quietly fade
Or to POP
Stand out

I know the tricks
But not myself
I know the types
And what they like -
But what I like
My memory fades

Not fades
But blocks
It's there
Deep down
And now I search
And some I've found
Are things of which
I have had fear
For years and years...
Buried like gold
For my thirty-year-old
Self to discover

What joy
In finding joy
In such small things.
Joy and
Openness of being

What use have I
For one true love
When I feel loved
By the moon above?
Love is all around and in
Love is joy and peace and sin
Love is want
Of no-thing
Love is connection
With everything;
Not just
One other
Now and forever
Never to be shared
With any others...
Love cannot be possessed
And possession cannot be

Love is life
Love is knowing
That that life
Fuels every

To realise
That we are not special;
Not you
Not me
And not your lover
All of us
Just like any other
Written by
C  London
       Nylee, Fawn, Shrika, Imran Islam, K and 13 others
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